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Algorithms Online Book

Jeff Erickson, professor at the University of Illinois, has published an excellent book on algorithms. He will be self-publishing this content as a paper book, but the online copy will remain available.

“I never hear anybody mentioning him but Jeff Erickson’s ‘Algorithms’ textbook [1] has some of the most lucid explanations I’ve come across. CLRS is often times impenetrable and for the times I didn’t like its explanation of something I turned to Jeff Erickson’s book and it hasn’t failed me yet. I’d urge anybody trying to solidify algorithms and data structures to take a look at it.” — stuxnet79


Exploring ES6

Exploring ES6 – Upgrade to the next version of JavaScript, Dr. Axel Rauschmayer, LeanPub, 2015

An in-depth book on ECMAScript 6, for JavaScript programmers, free to read on the web. It is a book for people who already know JavaScript but want to understand it better.