Site overhaul in progress. The old plan was to show what library books were useful. But it would be better to include web resources and book sellers, featuring the most useful. The order would generally be

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Welcome! Technology books become obsolete quickly, so let’s make best use of them while they are new. BlinkMonitor helps you notice the arrival of new books.¬†Click on the 5-star tag (right) to get started.

You can also use the RSS feed.

We also help you locate books by using a classification system that is simpler than the libraries’. And maybe you will like the 5-star books as much as we do. Click on the 5-star tag (right or below) to get started.

The books mentioned at this site are generally from the Ottawa Public Library (OPL). Follow a link into the library site, place a hold online, then pick it up at your local branch.

OPL gets many new books each year; I only mention the ones I like. The best ones get a 5-star rating, but you won’t see many with 4 or 3 stars because I did not get around to rating them yet.

OPL’s tech books are mostly about software, and unfortunately there is not much about electronics, biotech, or nanotech.


BlinkMonitor is intended to help out the Ottawa tech community. If it is useful to you, please write about it on Google+ or FB or the OPL site.  Also, do you have ideas on how can we extend this site to other libraries, in other cities?