CMN Loans

It is interesting to see what the Canadian Museum of Nature (CMN) has been accomplishing over the years, by investigating the museum’s collaborations with organizations worldwide. The museum is in partnerships with over 600 universities and research organisations in 52 countries. We could not achieve our mission alone!

The Canadian Museum of Nature’s CSIM department maintains a spreadsheet with a row for each loan. Information was entered into this spreadsheet by museum staff over the course of 25 years. The museum is much older than 25 years, but the spreadsheet only goes back that far.

The map above shows loans during a five year period. Click ‘next’ to see the next five years. You can zoom and pan. Loans from the CMN are shown with short-dashed lines and loans to the CMN are shown with long-dashed lines. When there are both to and from loans in a five year period, they are shown with a solid line. Hover over a marker to see loans details.

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