C# 7.0 in A Nutshell

by Joseph Albahari, O’Reilly, 2017 | 7th edition,

A In-A-Nutshell book over 1000 pages!  Now that I have gotten the shock out of my system..

This book is intermediate to advanced; you need come to it with some programming experience. It has been edited to O’Reilly’s high standards, so it is a pleasure to read.

If you are developing Java-like apps on Microsoft Windows, you are probably best off with C# because its .net libraries integrate well with the Microsoft ecosystem. And now that you are using C# you should have this book, you need to understand all the concepts underlying the language. The alternative to books, using online C# and .net documentation, is diverse and scattered.

The book uses the term ‘frameworks’ to identify several ways that Microsoft systems can be integrated to create apps using .Net.  Frameworks like LINQ and a few others.

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