The Longest Bike Trail in the Gatineau

Here’s a great place to ride a bike. It used to be the railway from Ottawa north to Maniwaki, but now it is a ‘linear park’. Kazabazua had the longest bar in the Gatineau, I suppose it should have the longest park too. Start in a little village named Low, which is a bit north of Wakefield. The starting spot in Low was not easy to find, it did not jump out at me. Look for a lumberjack’s boat resting until the end of its days in the park┬áparking lot. (I parked at the hockey arena before seeing the park parking.) Do not attempt to bike on the roads up to here from Ottawa, it would be quite dangerous.

The parking at the start in Low

From Low north, the trail is gently uphill (the railway grade). In places the trail follows a contour through the woods, with the hillside dropping off steeply on one side. Further on, you find it level for miles. Once on the trail, expect some easy riding. Bring a bike with wide tires, because the surface is soft sand in places. My 1.5 inch wide slicks worked fine. If it is too easy for you, you could explore the side roads around Low.

In Low there are many anglophones, but Quebec is mostly francophone. Try your best to speak French, it is a great chance to practice, and in any case it is only decent to try.

It was a railroad many years ago

The trail is restricted to bicycles and hikers in the summer, and snowmobiles in the winter. Horse riding is for some reason prohibited. I for one would not mind sharing the trail with horse riders.

Is it a park .. or a bike trail?

This is a very quiet trail, there was hardly anyone enjoying it on a May 24 weekend. One couple brought a music system with them. Pack some supplies with you, it is a long ride to Maniwaki!

There are lots of birds along the trail, all the common types, bluejays, gold finches, warblers, and also several that I could not name. What is the same size and shape as a Pileated woodpecker but mostly coloured in shades of brown? What has yellow on the back of the head, and a white rump?

Venosta Station!

The railway station at Venosta is a bit run down these days.


Venosta also has a government office, a church, and a few houses.

Some natural attractions include the gorge at Kazabazua, and the flatlands with sand ridges left by the ice age glaciers. Happy trails!

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