Data for the People

Data for the People
How to Make Our Post-privacy Economy Work for You
By Weigend, Andreas S.

This book will fascinate you if you want to know what information Amazon, Facebook, and Google have about you, why they want it, and how they use it.

The first theme is Privacy. You no longer have privacy, it does not matter because we do not live in post-war East Germany, and (the main theme) it is useful to you that Amazon et. al. know all about you. This is all very unsettling to those of us who use javascript blockers like uMatrix, Tor, and pay by cash!

There is a power imbalance: the large companies have all the power. Weigend argues for transparency and accountability. Transparency so we can know what information is stored and how it is used. Accountability so we can require companies to make responsible use of the information.

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