Cracking the Aging

Cracking the Aging Code
The New Science of Growing Old– and What It Means for Staying Young
By Mitteldorf, Josh
Book – 2016

Summary: get exercise and almost starve yourself if you want a long life. The author is a MIT researcher.

Theories of aging have foundations in the thinking of Darwin, Mendel, Fisher, and Wright. The latter died in 1988, so why are we still struggling with understanding the causes of aging? This book, by an expert in genetics and evolution, explains how aging is not a weakness: it is programmed into our genes.

This is the most readable book I have seen on the topic. For example, it explains how an allele is a version of a gene, and the ‘selfish gene’ should really be the ‘selfish allele’.

The author teaches at MIT, Harvard, and Berkeley, and has research positions at these universities.

300 pages, hardcover, minimal graphs or charts, no illustrations.

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