Printed Circuits

Printed Circuits Handbook
50th Anniversary Edition
By Coombs, Clyde F., Jr. (EDT)/ Holden, Happy T. (EDT)
Book – 2016

Electronics manufacturing engineers will want to have a copy of this handbook on their shelf. 1600 pages packed with information! Yes, the information is all online, but this book gathers it together in one place. Did you want to know how to solder a BGA (Ball Grid Array) chip onto a circuit board, reliably, despite having most of the contacts hidden under the chip?

Manufacturing in Ottawa? Did it not all move overseas? Yes, mostly, but there are still some low volume, high spec operations here. Not to mention the reverse engineering companies which inspect circuits made elsewhere, mostly to help defend patents. “Inspect” meaning to carefully cut it apart and put it under a high power microscope.

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