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Disrupted – My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble By Lyons, Dan Book – 2016

Lyons was a technology journalist at the top of his career when the news industry imploded, leaving him screwed (in his words). He stumbled around, eventually getting work at HubSpot, the marketing support company. The job fit was so bad! When it ended about a year later, Lyons had a perfect chance to exercise his well practised skills in satirical writing and ‘take the piss out’ of Hubspot.

There are a few themes here:

  • ageism: Lyons was twice the age of the average Hubspotter, and he delights in detailing how green they were
  • VC start-up bubble: Hubspot and similar businesses make their founders millionaires while being unprofitable. The VC investors loose millions.
  • marketing: Hubspot’s ‘awesome’ capability was in spammy email campaigns.
  • culture: The company culture was laughable, and Lyons has a great time satirizing it.

The book is infamous at the moment. See Lyon’s Linkedin post, and Hubspot’s riposte. See also Lyons’ article in the NY Times.
Lyons’ Linkedin profile describes his experience at Hubspot succinctly as ‘Veni, vidi, scripsi’. Lyons may never again get a chance to work in a technology company, but he has revenues from a best seller, and I suspect he has a comfortable future as an author.

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