Red Team Field Manual (RTFM)

RTFM Red Team Field Manual By Clark, Ben Book – 2013

What a strange little self published book. It will be useful to pen-testers and newbie crackers. Just 100 pages, listing command line tools that can be used to break in to remote servers.

For each tool, the basic syntax is presented, with almost no discussion. If you want more depth of understanding, Google will help you. Read and understand the (typically) 5-line scripts, and you will become expert at Bash, Powershell, and a few other system interpreters.

There is a section for Linux tools, and another for Windows tools. Then there are sections for Web, Databases, Programming, and Wireless.

Remember the pen-tester first rule: get permission before ‘exploring’ a remote server! The second rule: do not cause damage.

This book has no mention of some important pen-testing skills: how to negotiate a contract, and how to report the test results. The analysis phase could also fill a book.

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