Personal Archiving

Personal Archiving – Preserving Our Digital Heritage, edited by Donald T. Hawkins ; foreword by Brewster Kahle, – 2013

Do you have a personal archive?

You probably have digital photos, videos, emails, and perhaps written articles or more. You probably have a profile on Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Flickr, Picasa, Familytreemaker, and / or other social sites in the ‘cloud’.

Years ago, your records would have been on paper, and barring a fire or mishandling they were safe to last for centuries (!).

Now, in the modern world, what happens when your smart-phone / tablet / PC stops working and you do not have backups? What happens when the DVD you recorded your video o can no longer be read because new technology made DVD readers obsolete? What happens when the social web site becomes inaccessible because the deceased never told family the password? Or the cloud company’s servers fail, get hacked, or can not be accessed for political reasons (suppose you live in Ch1n@) ?

This book discusses these sorts of problems. The book is intended for a general audience. It is not intended for programmers, but a programmer will be inspired to do something: help with Open Source projects, or start something new. There is lots of scope for improvement.

I hesitate to mention to, which seems to be still-born. Otherwise, the Library of congress has advice at See also

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