Certified!, where I worked, has been certified to be a Trusted Digital Repository (TDR) by Center for Research Libraries (CRL).

What? A TDR has computer storage systems used to archive historical information. In Canadiana’s case, this includes things like the correspondence of Prime Ministers, historical journals, and many other things.  The name TDR applies to the whole organization, including the people, the systems, and stakeholders.

Who? CRL is the authority on this sort of thing.

When? The verification process took several months, concluding in July 2015.

How? CRL staff visited Canadiana’s facilities several times. They interviewed key staff, reviewed policy and procedures, and verified that their standards were met. They  compared Canadiana to the other TDR’s (fewer than 10 so far) and scored us highly in their report. There was a fee paid to CRL, so there is some conflict of interest.

Why? Why is this important? Because Canadiana’s stakeholders will have great confidence that we are meeting our goals, and Canadiana will likely get more interest from universities and government departments which want their archival materials preserved.

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