Coding for Librarians

Coding for Librarians – Learning by Example By Yelton, Andromeda Book – 2015

What a strange book. Very thin, large format. It will be useful to Librarians who have not done much computer programming, and leads you through a few simple programming projects which could be useful in a library. Armed with this knowledge, and now having some programming skills, you are ready to attack larger challenges. There are many open source projects out there, take your pick!

The big problem with this book is that it does not list the code it is discussing. Its line-level comments “Lines 68-78 remove outdated files from ..” are not meaningful unless you are at your PC with the code on your screen. Worse, the Github project could have changed since the book was printed, so you would have to look back in old versions of the code. But the companion web site helps a bit with that (

Here are projects discussed in the book:


  • Libraries Data processing.
  • Electronic data processing.
  • Libraries Automation.
  • Computer programming Study and teaching.
  • Scripting languages (Computer science) Programming languages
  • (Electronic computers) Microcomputers Programming.
  • Open source software Library applications.

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