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Sir John Franklin

The recent discovery of Franklin’s shipwreck reminds us of the challenges of his explorations. If you are in Ottawa, visit the Library and Archives building on Wellington Street to see some artifacts, currently on display in the main lobby.

Before Franklin took his ships to the northern archipelago he had done two overland expeditions. He wrote some books that you can read at At the time, he knew about the mainland geography in detail, but knew very little about the north.

See the original books under glass on display in the main lobby. Or see the pages at Some viewing is free, after which a subscription is required.

Here is a fragment of a map

Tenyson wrote the inscription for the cenotaph in Westminster Abbey:

Not here! the white north has thy bones; and thou,
   Heroic sailor-soul,
Art passing on thine happier voyage now
   Toward no earthly pole.

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Carleton Library     University of Ottawa

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