RESTful Web APIs

RESTful Web APIs, Leonard Richardson, O’Reilly, 2013

Web developers will want to read this book. You will learn the HTTP protocol really well, and will learn how best to design application protocols. You will learn that it is best to use some existing application protocols (currently, most web API’s are non-standard designs). Learn how API’s can be self-documenting.

Learn all about HyperMedia!

This book is not a new edition of the previous O’Reilly book ‘RESTful Web Services’ by Sam Ruby, though it gives credit to the author.

While we are looking at HTTP, the HTTP rfc, 7230 is remarkably readable. I just stumbled on Request Smuggling, but now today’s topic has moved on from architecture to security (pesky distractions!). Return to the topic of architecture with a discussion of Safe and Idempotent methods in the less readable Semantics rfc 7231.

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