The Tangled Web

The Tangled Web – A Guide to Securing Modern Web Applications, Michal Zalewski, – 2012

Web application programmers will want to read this timely and important book. 250 pages. Contents:

  • Security in the world of Web applications
  • Part I: Anatomy of the Web
  • It starts with a URL
  • Hypertext transfer protocol
  • Hypertext markup language
  • Cascading style sheets
  • Browser-side scripts
  • Non-HTML document types
  • Content rendering with browser plug-ins
  • Part II: Browser security features
  • Content isolation logic
  • Origin inheritance
  • Life outside same-origin rules
  • Other security boundaries
  • Content recognition mechanisms
  • Dealing with rogue scripts
  • Extrinsic site privileges
  • Part III: A glimpse of things to come
  • New and upcoming security features
  • Other browser mechanisms of note
  • Common Web vulnerabilities.

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