Gray Hat Hacking

Gray Hat Hacking – The Ethical Hacker’s Handbook, 3rd Edition, Allen Harper, – 2011

Security pro’s who want to know how the cracker can break in, will want to read this book. Well written, 650 pages. Contents:

Part I       Introduction to Ethical Disclosure

  • Ethics of Ethical Hacking
  • Ethical Hacking and the Legal System
  • Proper and Ethical Disclosure

Part II       Penetration Testing and Tools

  • Using Metasploit
  • Using the BackTrack LiveCD Linux Distribution

Part III        Exploits 101

  • Programming Survival Skills
  • Basic Linux Exploits
  • Advanced Linux Exploits
  • Shellcode Strategies
  • Writing Linux Shellcode
  • Basic Windows Exploits

Part IV        Vulnerability Analysis

  • Passive Analysis
  • Advanced Static Analysis with IDA Pro
  • Advanced Reverse Engineering
  • Client-Side Browser Exploits
  • Exploiting Windows Access Control Model for Local Elevation of Privilege
  • Intelligent Fuzzing with Sulley
  • From Vulnerability to Exploit
  • Closing the Holes: Mitigation

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