Google Secrets

Google Secrets – Do What You Never Thought Possible with Google, Yvette Davis, – 2012

This is a user guide for the many Google services. 400 pages.

Part I Customizing Your Google Experience
Starting Strong: Google Account and Profile Secrets
Customizing Your Google Experience with iGoogle
Increasing Your Knowledge with Google Reader

Part II Google Search Secrets
Using Your Words: Natural Language Searches
Refining Your Search
Staying Close with Local Search
Learning More with Informational Searches
Using Multimedia Search to Find Entertainment
Customizing Search to Your Needs

Part III Google Gmail Secrets
Harnessing the Power of a Gmail Account
Managing Messages

Part IV Secrets for Sharing Content with Google Applications
Getting Your Message Out with Blogger
Managing Your Blog
Getting More from YouTube
Getting the Picture with Picasa and Picnik

Part V Google Social and Collaboration App Secrets
Google Talk Secrets
Staying Connected with Google Voice
Catching the Buzz: Google Buzz
Socializing with Orkut
Expanding Knowledge on the Web with Knol
Getting Involved in Google Groups

Part VI Google Productivity Apps Secrets
Creating More with Google Docs
Designing Better Presentations
Calculating Answers with Spreadsheet
Demystifying Google Forms and Drawing
Scheduling Better with Google Calendar
Navigating Better with Google Maps

Part VII Google Website Secrets
Building Your Home on the Web with Google Sites
Improving Your Website with Google’s Apps
Implementing Google Analytics
Using Google Analytics for eCommerce
Integrating Google Analytics with AdWords
Tweaking Google Analytics

Part VIII Android Secrets
Getting More Done with Android
Creating Android Apps

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