Conversations with Catalogers

Conversations with Catalogers in the 21st Century
– 2011)

A collection of articles by library specialists. 250 pages. Contents:

1 Moving Cataloguing Rules Out of the Library: Goodbye, AACR2?
2 AACR and RDA: One Cataloguer’s Reaction
3 RDA, AACR2, and You: What Catalogers Are Thinking
II Visions: New Ideas for Bibliographic Control and Catalogs
4 A Systems Librarian’s Cataloging Daydream
5 A Question of Identity: The Role of Identifiers in Library Catalogs
6 NF: A New Format for Metadata
7 The Single Shared Catalog Revisited
8 Role of the ILS and How Libraries will Purchase and Maintain Their Systems, Including Information from a Vendor Perspective
III The Cataloging World in Transition
9 Catalog and Metadata Librarian: A Foot in Both Worlds
10 Facing a Time of Change
11 Judgment and Imagination: Carrying Cataloging Through Times of Change
12 Cataloger Survival in a Sea of Change and a Surfeit of Acronyms
13 Changing Mind-set, Changing Skill Set: Transitioning from Cataloger to Metadata Librarian
14 Realities of Standards in the Twenty-first Century
IV Cataloging and Metadata Librarians: Research, Education, Training, and Recruitment
15 The Brick Wall: Attracting People to a Career in Cataloging
16 Blogs and Their Place in the Continuing Education of Catalogers
17 Cataloging/Metadata and Library Science Education Programs for Catalogers and Metadata Specialists: Challenges for the Twenty-first Century
18 Chronological Bibliography of Selected Works Related to Cataloging and Libraries through 1800; and, Selected Bibliography of Library and Cataloging History

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