Pro Android 3

Pro Android 3, Satya Komatineni, – 2011

Programmers targeting Android phones and tablets will want to read this book. At 1100 pages, this is an unwieldy book.

Setting Up Your Development Environment
Understanding Android Resources
Understanding Content Providers
Understanding Intents
Building User Interfaces and Using Controls
Working with Menus
Working with Dialogs
Working with Preferences and Saving State
Exploring Security and Permissions
Building and Consuming Services
Exploring Packages
Exploring Handlers
Broadcast Receivers and Long Running Services
Exploring the Alarm Manager
Exploring 2D Animation
Exploring Maps and Locationbased…
Using the Telephony APIs
Understanding the Media Frameworks
Programming 3D Graphics with OpenGL
Exploring Live Folders
Home Screen Widgets
Android Search
Exploring Text to Speech
Touch Screens
Using Sensors
Exploring the Contacts API
Android Market and Beyond
Fragments for Tablets and More
Exploring ActionBar
Additional Topics in 3.0

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Carleton Library     University of Ottawa

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