HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 and CSS3 – Develop with Tomorrow’s Standards Today, Brian Hogan, 2010

Web programmers will like this book from the excellent Pragmatic Programmers company. It is a practical look at the complicated new world of HTML5. Oh no, it is dated already, with no mention of IE9! 250 pages. Contents:

Part I—Improving User Interfaces

  • New Structural Tags and Attributes
    • Tip 1 Redefining a Blog using Semantic Markup
    • Tip 2 Creating Popup Windows with Custom Data Attributes
  • Creating User-friendly Web Forms
    • Tip 3 Describing Data with New Input Fields
    • Tip 4 Jumping to the First Field with Autofocus
    • Tip 5 Providing Hints with Placeholder Text
    • Tip 6 In-Place Editing with ContentEditable
  • Making Better User Interfaces with CSS3
    • Tip 7 Styling Tables With Pseudo Classes
    • Tip 8 Making Links Printable with :after and content
    • Tip 9 Creating Multi-Column Layouts
    • Tip 10 Building Mobile Interfaces with Media Queries
  • Improving Accessibility
    • Tip 11 Providing Navigation Hints with ARIA Roles
    • Tip 12 Creating An Accessible Updatable Region

Part II—New Sights And Sounds

  • Drawing on the Canvas
    • Tip 13 Drawing a Logo
    • Tip 14 Graphing Statistics with RGraph
  • Embedding Audio and Video
    • Tip 15 Working with Audio
    • Tip 16 Embedding Video
  • Eye Candy
    • Tip 17 Rounding Rough Edges
    • Tip 18 Working with Shadows, Gradients and Transformations
    • Tip 19 Using Real Fonts

Part III—Beyond HTML5

  • Working with Client-side Data
    • Tip 20 Saving Preferences with LocalStorage
    • Tip 21 Storing Data in Client-Side Relational Database
    • Tip 22 Working Offline
  • Playing Nicely With Other APIs
    • Tip 23 Preserving History
    • Tip 24 Talking Across Domains
    • Tip 25 Getting Chatty with Websockets
    • Tip 26 Finding Yourself: Geolocation
  • Where To Go Next
  • Features Quick Reference
  • jQuery Primer
  • Encoding Audio and Video
  • Resources

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