Android in Action

book coverAndroid in Action 2nd ed., Frank Ableson, 2011

Programmers will like this book. It is well written, looks useful, and has lots of example Java code. 550 pages.

Part 1.

  • What is Android? The big picture. Introducing Android
  • Android’s development environment

Part 2.

  • Exercising the Android SDK.
  • User interfaces
  • Intents and services
  • Storing and retrieving data
  • Networking and web services
  • Telephony
  • Notifications and alarms
  • Graphics and animation
  • Multimedia
  • Location, location, location

Part 3.

  • Android applications.
  • Putting Android to work in a field service application
  • Building Android applications in C

Part 4.

  • The maturing platform.
  • Bluetooth and sensors
  • Integration
  • Android web development
  • AppWidgets
  • Localization
  • Android native development kit.

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