Moodle for Dummies

book coverMoodle for Dummies, Radana Dvorak, 2011

A user guide for educators who are creating online courses. Contents:

Part I: Getting Started with Moodle.
Chapter 1: Discovering Moodle and What You Can Do.
Chapter 2: Designing Great Moodle Courses.
Chapter 3: Building Your Course Front Page.
Chapter 4: Creating Your Course.

Part II: Creating and Managing Course Content.
Chapter 5: Adding Content to Your Course: Resources.
Chapter 6: Adding Audio and Video to Your Course by Using Free Software.
Chapter 7: Grading Learners’ Progress and Knowledge.

Part III: Adding Activities to Your Moodle Course.
Chapter 8: Adding Communication Modules.
Chapter 9: Adding Collaborative Modules.
Chapter 10: Creating Assignments.
Chapter 11: Quizzing and Testing in Moodle.
Chapter 12: Using Databases to Share Resources and Adding the Latest News via RSS.

Part IV: Moodle Management.
Chapter 13: Administering Moodle Courses.
Chapter 14: Managing Course Data, Reports, Logs, and Statistics.

Part V: The Parts of Tens.
Chapter 15: Ten Questions to Ask before Building and Launching Your Course.
Chapter 16: Ten Creative Ways to Keep Your Learners Involved in Your Course.


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