Creeping Failure

book coverCreeping Failure – How We Broke the Internet and What We Can Do to Fix It, Jeffrey Hunker, McClelland, 2010

Written by president Clinton’s security adviser, this book recounts the history of Internet crime and argues that the crime problem should be solved by replacing the Internet completely. Oops. This would be funded and controlled by governments.

  • Introduction: Your City, My City, No Man’s Land
  • 1 Washington, We Have a Problem
  • 2 Into the Underworld
  • 3 Modes of Attack
  • 4 The Costs and Impacts of Cyber Crime
  • 5 Cyber War and Cyber Terrorism
  • 6 It’s Policy Failure, Folks
  • 7 Better Software and Better Users
  • 8 New Frameworks
  • 9 The Ultimate Promise: A New Internet
  • Epilogue: Creeping Failure is not Inevitable

Very readable, hardcover, 250 pages.

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