book coverNanoFuture : what’s next for nanotechnology / J. Storrs Hall ; foreword by K. Eric Drexler, Prometheus Books, 2005.

This excellent book is the best introduction to nanotech I have seen. 300 pages, hardcover.

  1. What is Nanotechnology And Why Is There So Much Confusion About It?
  2. A Handle on the Future: Can You Take These Predictions Seriously?
  3. Current Nanotechnology: Laboratory and Life–and How to Get to the Real Thing from Here.
  4. Nanomachine Design and Analysis: Theory, Current Tools, and the Future.
  5. Nuts and Bolts: The Basics of What a Mature Nanotechnology Will Look Like.
  6. Engines: Making Molecular Machines Go.
  7. A Digital Technology: Atoms are the Bits of the Material World.
  8. Self-Replication: Mechanical Motherhood.
  9. Food, Clothing, and Shelter: A Day in Your Life in the Age of Nanotech.
  10. Economics: How Much Is This Going to Cost?
  11. Transportation: It’s a Very Small World, Indeed.
  12. Space: Where a Much Larger World Awaits.
  13. Robots: For Whatever Work there Is to Be Done.
  14. Artificial Intelligence: Closer than You May Think.
  15. Runaway Replicators: Playing with Fire.
  16. Real Dangers: The Same Old Bad Guys, with Nastier Toys.
  17. Nanomedicine: Fixing What’s Wrong.
  18. Improvements: A Perspective on Transhumanism.
  19. The Human Prospect: Living Happily Ever After.

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