Beautiful Architecture

book coverBeautiful Architecture / edited by Diomidis Spinellis, O’Reilly, 2009

A collection of essays by leading software designers. Sections include systems architecture, enterprise application architecture, and user application architecture.

  • What is architecture / by John Klein and David Weiss
  • A tale of two systems: a modern-day software fable / by Pete Goodliffe
  • Architecting for scale / by Jim Waldo
  • Making memories / by Michael Nygard
  • Resource-oriented architectures: being “in the web” / by Brian Sletten
  • Data grows up: the architecture of the Facebook platform / by Dave Fetterman
  • Xen and the beauty of virtualization / by Derek Murray and Keir Fraser
  • Guardian: a fault-tolerant operating system environment / by Greg Lehey
  • JPC: an X86 PC emulator in pure Java / by Rhys Newman and Christopher Dennis
  • The strength of metacircular virtual machines: JIKES RVM / by Ian Rogers and Dave Grove
  • GNU EMACS: creeping featurism is a strength / by Jim Blandy
  • When the bazaar sets out to build cathedrals / by Till Adam and Mirko Boehm
  • Software architecture: object-oriented versus functional / by Bertrand Meyer
  • Reading the classics / by Panagiotis Louridas.

350 pages.

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