Safari Stopped

Safari, O’Reilly’s online book access, has lots to offer.  It has lots of current tech books, it is searchable, and you can read books before they get to the stores.  However, you have to read books on your computer, which may be inconvenient, or you have to print out chapters, which is really inconvenient.  Oh, and Safari costs $20 or $40 per month. I discontinued my subscription to save money, then re-subscribed to search out a problem that I was having (in a threaded program in gnu c++, what are those large ‘arena’ anon mappings, that use relatively little resident memory, and why).  Safari helped where Google had not.  But I much prefer holding a book in my hands, and I have not visited Safari in a week.  YMMV.

The library used to have a Safari shared license so any three people could use Safari via the library site.  The service was stopped recently because it was not getting used much.  To bad.

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Carleton Library     University of Ottawa

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