Fundamentals of Data Visualization

A Primer on Making Informative and Compelling Figures,
by Claus Wilke, O’Reilly, 2019

More people are working with data than ever before, and there is more need to understand the data using visualisations. But what type of graphic helps you understand the nature of the data? Bar or pie charts? Graphs or maps? Other plots? This book is a great introduction to graphic design, so you can make a pleasing figure which clarifies the trends and clusters hiding within data.

This book is not about the new tools we have for creating graphics; it is all about design.

The book is well written and has been edited to O’Reilly’s high standards, so it is a favourite book.

About Face

About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design, 4th edition
By Cooper, Alan

Book – 2014

Many years ago in the mid-’90s, Alan Cooper wrote the first edition of this leading UI design book. Its revelation for me was the concept of automatic save. When you are using, say, a word processor, you normally want to save before closing. So that is automatic, and if you want otherwise then you have to ask for it via some menu or control. There are never confirmation dialogs saying “are you sure you want to …”. Instead, there is an undo function which can reverse any action when you want to go back.
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Responsive Photoshop

Responsive Web Design With Adobe Photoshop By Rose, Dan Book – 2015

Photoshop CC contains many new features that help streamline the process of converting a static page design to a set of components for a responsive web page.

This book balances coverage of conceptual issues (how to fit tools like Photoshop to the design workflow) with practical design exercises.