JavaScript Ninja

Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, second edition, By Resig, John (- 2016)

John is the creator and lead developer of the jQuery UI library, so I am not surprised to find that this is an excellent book. It is not for the beginner programmer, but if you have a bit of JavaScript experience then you will find this book rewarding.

It is essential reading for object oriented programming (I hope you are doing that). Did you know that there are four ways of invoking a function/method, and that only some of them are appropriate for object-oriented programming, with ‘this’ bound in the appropriate way? And the pitfalls in wait for the Java programmer who expects ‘this’ semantics to be the same?

The first edition was excellent. I am looking forward to reading this ‘completely revised’ edition.

Dependency Injection

book coverDependency Injection : design patterns using Spring and Guice / Dhanji R. Prasanna, Manning, 2009

Java programmers will find this valuable. 300 pages, contents:

  1. – Dependency injection: what’s all the hype?
  2. – Time for injection
  3. – Investigating DI
  4. – Building modular applications
  5. – Scope: a fresh breath of state
  6. – More use cases in scoping
  7. – From birth to death: object lifecycle
  8. – Managing an object’s behavior
  9. – Best practices in code design
  10. – Integrating with third-party frameworks
  11. – Dependency injection in action!

appendix A – The Butterfly Container
appendix B – Smarty Pants for Adobe Flex

2016 Update: This book is still the only one in OPL with a decent discussion of Dependency Injection. After 7 years! Programmers using the AngularJS framework will want to understand this well, as will programmers of any mid to complex system.