Software Craftsman

Software Craftsman : Professionalism, Pragmatism, Pride
By Mancuso, Sandro
Book – 2014

This book is for the working software developer. Do you see yourself as a professional? Or do you have pride in your skills a craftsman? Or is your work just a job, driven by a non-technical micro-manager?

Mancuso discusses the Craftmanship movement, which became strong around 2008, and compares it with the Agile and XP movements. This book will comfort you when deadlines are pressing. Better still, if you read it while in the early stages of planning a software project, you will plan and design quality code from the start.

Mancuso discusses this in the context of his own career progression from a green, cocky youngster through to a mature leader, showing considerable wisdom.

Here is the author‘s site.

Jenkins Essentials

Jenkins Essentials, Mitesh Soni, 2015

The Jenkins tool is used for CI (Continuous Integration). CI performs frequent builds from your source code repository, to check that the build succeeds. And that the tests pass. Then your team can know whether some source change has problems, and can learn this quickly without needing to manually build the product. Jenkins can drive a dashboard, for better visibility. CI is an important part of the DevOps process.

Jenkins is part of the Java ecosystem, though it can be used for projects in other languages.

This book is not very readable in my mind, the text does not ‘flow’. It has too many screenshots, which fill the 150 pages. I would like it better if, instead, there was more discussion, more diagrams, and code examples.