Intelligence Techniques

Open Source Intelligence Techniques Resources for Searching and Analyzing Online Information, Fifth Edition, By Bazzell, Michael Book – 2016

how to locate:

  • Hidden Social Network Content
  • Cell Phone Subscriber Information
  • Deleted Websites & Posts
  • Missing Facebook Profile Data
  • Full Twitter Account Data
  • Alias Social Network Profiles
  • Free Investigative Software
  • Useful Browser Extensions
  • Alternative Search Engine Results
  • Website Owner Information
  • Photo GPS & Metadata
  • Live Streaming Social Content
  • Social Content by Location
  • IP Addresses of Users
  • Additional User Accounts
  • Sensitive Documents & Photos
  • Private Email Addresses
  • Duplicate Video Posts
  • Mobile App Network Data
  • Unlisted Addresses & #s
  • Public Government Records
  • Document Metadata
  • Rental Vehicle Contracts
  • Online Criminal Activity
  • Personal Radio Communications
  • Compromised Email Information
  • Wireless Routers by Location
  • Hidden Mapping Applications
  • Dark Web Content (Tor)
  • Restricted YouTube Content
  • Hidden Website Details
  • Vehicle Registration Details

Windows Into the Soul

soulWindows Into the Soul : Surveillance and Society in An Age of High Technology
By Marx, Gary T.
Book – 2016

The library’s barcode sticker on the back generally obscures some unimportant back-cover information but, in this case, it is troublesome: it covers Schneier’s recommendation. I wanted to read that so I found it on the web:

In a world punch-drunk on data, with both governments and corporations Рnot to mention private persons Рincreasingly recording and correlating our every move, Windows Into the Soul is an important and timely book

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Security Strategies Linux

Security Strategies in Linux Platforms and Applications
By Jang, Michael
Book – 2015

Linux systems administrators will like this very readable book.


  • Security threats to Linux
  • Basic components of Linux security
  • Starting Off: Getting Up and Running
  • User privileges and permissions
  • Filesystems, volumes, and encryption
  • Securing services
  • Networks, firewalls, and more
  • Networked filesystems and remote access
  • Networked application security
  • Kernel security risk mitigation
  • Managing security alerts and updates
  • Building and maintaining a security baseline
  • Testing and reporting
  • Detecting and responding to security breaches
  • Best practices and emerging technologies

Car Hacker’s Handbook

The Car Hacker’s Handbook: A Guide for the Penetration Tester, Craig Smith, No Starch Press

What causes worse damage, hacking into a desktop PC or a the processors embedded in a car? Often, the latter, and it has recently become a concern. You might have seen the video of a SUV in a ditch, directed there by a white-hat. Security professionals will want to know all about this topic, and can get an excellent start by reading the (free) current version. Shortly thereafter, you will want to buy the new, updated version from No Starch Press.
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