Open-source Lab

Open-source Lab How to Build your Own Hardware and Reduce Research Costs By Pearce, Joshua (Book – 2013)

You will like this book if you are starting out with Arduino controllers, 3D printers and the related software. But the book is only 250 pages, and cannot possibly cover those topics so it is mostly introductory cookbook projects, with some diagrams and photos. The book is intended for scientists, to help them reduce the cost of lab equipment. However, they should not be spending all their time engineering their lab equipment. Hobbyists will enjoy the book. Hardcover.

Physics of the Future

Physics of the Future – How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100, Michio Kaku, (- 2011)

Look forward 100 years: what technologies do you expect to see affecting our life? Virtual reality, the end of Moore’s law, .. This book is well written, and is based on the opinions of scientists, but is not difficult to read. Hardcover, 350 pages.

Science for the Curious Photographer

book coverScience for the Curious Photographer – An Introduction to the Science of Photography, Charles Johnson, 2010

Many of us photographers make good use of our camera without really understanding how it works. This interesting, well written book will give us a better understanding, and will perhaps improve our pictures. Large format, 150 pages.