GNU/Linux application programming

GNU/Linux application programming / M. Tim Jones, Charles River Media, 2008

This is about programming using bash, awk, lex, Python, and similar languages. It also covers automake, gdb, gprof, networking and virtualization. It also explains the use of multiple processes and threads with pthreads and IPC. It is very readable. This is a thick book, and covers a lot of topics. It steers clear of the kernel and drivers.

Programming collective intelligence

book coverProgramming collective intelligence : building smart Web 2.0 applications / Toby Segaran, O’Reilly, c2007.

Most programmers will find this book fascinating. What algorithm does Amazon use to predict what books are likely to interest you? Netflix with DVD’s? Google with search results? Example algorithms are in Python. With a foreword from Tim O’Reilly and a recommendation from Dan Russell, Google’s ‘Uber Tech Lead’.

Professional Python frameworks

book coverProfessional Python frameworks : Web 2.0 programming with Django and TurboGears / Dana Moore, Raymond Budd, William Wright.

If you are developing web applications using Python you will want to use a framework so you are not re-implementing all the ‘glue’ that is common to all web apps and so you have a clear project structure to work around. This book is an excellent introduction to two frameworks, TurboGears and Django.

More info is at the Library of Congress