Free Speech

Persona Non Grata – The Death of Free Speech in the Internet Age By Flanagan, Tom – 2014

The author, a professor who has worked in political campaigns, chose his words poorly for a minute or so. He was misinterpreted, and was branded a front page pariah. This could not have happened so suddenly before Youtube and Twitter. The message is clear: make sure your words are Politically Correct at all times, because you could be recorded at any time.

The book is well written, and gives a window into the back rooms of Canadian politics in the last 20 years.

Getting Smart

Getting Smart – How Digital Learning Is Changing the World, Tom Vander Ark, (- 2012)

Parents will want to read this book about changing the education system. Current education policies are obsolete due to the digital revolution, but teachers and their organizations are resisting change. Well written. The author was a director in the Gates Foundation, and president of the X PRIZE foundation. Hardcover, 200 pages.