Code quality

Code quality : the open source perspective / Diomidis Spinellis, Addison-Wesley, 2006

Here is an excellent book for Java and C++ programmers. It is the sequel to ‘Code Reading’. 500 pages. “It’s a very dense book, with something to think about in every sentence. If you carefully absorb everything it has to say and manage to implement it, you will be a programming wizard.” — Elizabeth Zwicky

Design-build-run : applied practices and principles

Design-build-run : applied practices and principles for production-ready software development / David Ingram, Wiley, 2009

Here is a book with good practical advice for you when you are planning a software project. From the back cover: “What is the secret to successful software development? Veteran software architect David Ingram believes that a true success story is a project that delivers a system with all the required functionality, on time and within budget.” 650 pages.

Code leader

Code leader : using people, tools, and processes to build successful software / Patrick Cauldwell, Wiley, 2008

Here is a book to help a programmer make the move up to team leader. It is one thing to be technically sharp, and quite another to organize a group to be technically sharp together. Philosophy, Process, Code Construction: all at a practical level, and concise at 200 pages. Very good!

Visual Studio Team

Visual Studio Team System : better software development for agile teams / Will Stott, Addison-Wesley, 2007

Team System supports an agile process to coordinate a group of programmers.  Sections include:

Section 1Apply Sharp Tools and Values
Section 2Introduce Agile Development
Section 3Use Version Control
Section 4Build and Integrate Often
Section 5Practice Test-Driven Development
Section 6Explore by Modeling

800 pages.