High-Performance Browser Networking

High-Performance Browser Networking, Ilya Grigorik, O’Reilly,
Copyright © 2013

Web site admins will want to read this excellent book, which is up to date with the latest mobile technology. It helps you understand the factors contributing to your web site’s responsiveness i.e. latency. The book does not seem to be at the OPL, but you can read it online here.



SDN – Software Defined Networks,
By Nadeau, Thomas D./ Gray, Ken
– 2013

Network planners will find this book useful. Yikes, this is a nebulous subject, with different definitions of SDN (Software Defined Networks) from each vendor company. Consortiums are trying to chart standards. But what is real? Not much yet.

We have grown accustomed to O’Reilly books that help us do something real and now with our computers. This book is different, as it is looking to the future. Maybe SDN will get widespread use, or not. Who knows, we might see SDN get less real-world acceptance than IPv6.

This book will help you understand why VLANs are far from an adequate solution for large networks.

You might not want to read the chapters sequentially. Jump over the section on SNMB and read instead about Google Buffers and Facebook Thrift.

Why is there not more discussion of security? Look back over the troubled security history of DNS, and then look at the much more complex plans for SDN, and think of the potential for spoofing attacks.

In 2016, now the book seems to need an overhaul. We have ‘fog computing’ since 2014, and OpenStack has got more mature.