Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework

book coverPro ASP.NET MVC Framework / Steven Sanderson, Apress, 2009

This well written book for web developers starts slow but rapidly gets advanced.

  • Architectural background to ASP.NET MVC, including Model–View–Controller and REST concepts.
  • ASP.NET MVC framework with detailed coverage of all aspects of the framework and the official MVC development toolkit.
  • Test–driven development in action.
  • Translation and comparison of features in classic ASP.NET to those in ASP.NET MVC.
  • Security and deployment issues, including IIS 7.0.

550 pages.

Introducing Windows 7 for Developers

book coverIntroducing Windows 7 for Developers / Yochay Kiriaty, Microsoft Press, 2010

There is lots of new functionality in Windows libraries.

  1. Welcome to Windows 7
  2. Integrate with the Windows 7 Taskbar: Basic Features
  3. Integrate with the Windows 7 Taskbar: Advanced Features
  4. Organize My Data: Libraries in Windows 7
  5. Touch Me Now: An Introduction to Multitouch Programming
  6. Touch Me Now: Advanced Multitouch Programming
  7. Building Multitouch Applications in Managed Code
  8. Using Windows 7 Touch with Silverlight
  9. Introduction to the Sensor and Location Platform
  10. Tell Me Where I Am: Location-Aware Applications
  11. Develop with the Windows Ribbon, Part 1
  12. Develop with the Windows Ribbon, Part 2
  13. Rediscover the Fundamentals: It’s All About Performance

350 pages.