No Small Matter

book coverNo Small Matter : science on the nanoscale / Felice C. Frankel, George M. Whitesides, Harvard University Press, 2009

Is this an Art Photography book by scientists? Or a Nanotech book for art photographers? You could learn much science from this book, but you will be distracted by the beauty of the photos. Large format hardcover, 150 pages.


book coverNanoFuture : what’s next for nanotechnology / J. Storrs Hall ; foreword by K. Eric Drexler, Prometheus Books, 2005.

This excellent book is the best introduction to nanotech I have seen. 300 pages, hardcover.

  1. What is Nanotechnology And Why Is There So Much Confusion About It?
  2. A Handle on the Future: Can You Take These Predictions Seriously?
  3. Current Nanotechnology: Laboratory and Life–and How to Get to the Real Thing from Here.
  4. Nanomachine Design and Analysis: Theory, Current Tools, and the Future.
  5. Nuts and Bolts: The Basics of What a Mature Nanotechnology Will Look Like.
  6. Engines: Making Molecular Machines Go.
  7. A Digital Technology: Atoms are the Bits of the Material World.
  8. Self-Replication: Mechanical Motherhood.
  9. Food, Clothing, and Shelter: A Day in Your Life in the Age of Nanotech.
  10. Economics: How Much Is This Going to Cost?
  11. Transportation: It’s a Very Small World, Indeed.
  12. Space: Where a Much Larger World Awaits.
  13. Robots: For Whatever Work there Is to Be Done.
  14. Artificial Intelligence: Closer than You May Think.
  15. Runaway Replicators: Playing with Fire.
  16. Real Dangers: The Same Old Bad Guys, with Nastier Toys.
  17. Nanomedicine: Fixing What’s Wrong.
  18. Improvements: A Perspective on Transhumanism.
  19. The Human Prospect: Living Happily Ever After.