Programming Microsoft Composite UI

book coverProgramming Microsoft Composite UI Application Block and Smart Client Software Factory / David S. Platt.  Microsoft Press, 2008

For programmers of rich client apps using Microsoft’s CAB and SCSF and WPF frameworks. Concepts are explained. There are some code examples, but no ‘Hello World’. It reminds me of Eclipse RCP without the portability or clarity.

Professional rootkits

book coverProfessional rootkits / Ric Vieler. Wiley, 2007.

A programmer’s book on writing root kits for Windows. Here are lots of details on how to hack someone’s machine, though minimal discussion of virtualization. Written by an ‘Ethical Hacker’, this book will be useful to security pro’s who need to harden systems, or reverse engineer malware. Unfortunately, it might be quite useful to blackhats.

Visual C++ 2008

book coverVisual C++ 2008 : how to program / P.J. Deitel, H.M. Deitel, D.T. Quirk. Prentice Hall : 2008.

Almost 1500 pages! A cover sure to wake you if you nod off! I have dipped into this book, and wish I had time to read it all.  It is slightly biased towards Microsoft’s tools, but all c++ programmers will find it valuable.