Homebrew wind power

Homebrew wind power : a hands-on guide to harnessing the wind / by Dan Bartmann, Buckville, 2009

Build your own wind generator in the back yard. This looks like a marvelously satisfying project. Then when you are an expert, offer to fix the Wolfe Island wind farm (which often has several units not even pointing into the wind).  The book is very practical but is not a cookbook so you will have to understand and plan out whatever system you decide to build. You probably need to be good with tools. 310 pages, large format.

Data recovery

Data recovery : tips & solutions : Windows, Linux, and BSD / Kris Kaspersky, A-LIST, 2006.

Here is a wide variety of information on how data is recorded on discs. You need to know how data is physically recorded, how it is formatted at the byte level, and practical approaches to recovering after failure. The book is slightly dated, but is still useful.