Linux Mint

Linux Mint Essentials By Lacroix, Jay (Book – 2014 )

Mint is like Ubuntu, with with full multimedia support. It is safe and reliable, thanks to a conservative approach to software updates, and a unique Update Manager.

This book is mostly a user guide for generic Linux, with a short discussion of why Mint is better than its parent distro, Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Unleashed

Ubuntu Unleashed, Matthew Helmke, – 2014

There is much to learn about 13.10, the latest Ubuntu, and 14.04LTS which is bleeding edge now, and if you don’t mind holding several kilograms of book, then this will be useful. But it still talks of ifconfig though net-tools have been deprecated for years! I wish there was a good introduction to ‘ip addr show’. And it discusses virtualization with no mention of OpenVZ or LXC.