Inside Wikileaks

Inside Wikileaks – My Time with Julian Assange at the World’s Most Dangerous Website, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, Doubleday, 2011

Domscheit-Berg was Assange’s partner in creating WikiLeaks until they parted ways. This book reveals what goes on behind the curtain at WikiLeaks, and is a window into Berlin’s Chaos Computer club. The book was written with a co-author, and is very readable.  Hardcover, 250 pages.


book coverE-habits – What You Must Do to Optimize your Professional Digital Presence, Elizabeth Charnock, 2010

When you apply for a job, the first thing the employer does is to Google you, and believe most of the results. The results can be positive, negative, or if you have a common name, not useful. This well written book is by the leader of a company that provides ‘digital evidence analytics’ for use in law courts. The book suggests how you can protect and enhance your online reputation. Hardcover, 250 pages.