My Chromebook

My Google Chromebook By Miller, Michael – 2013

A user guide. I am hoping they will show how to load Ubuntu onto it, but there is not much chance. When I get a look at the book I will update this.

This slim laptop would be great for an ultra-portable Ubuntu machine, with its SSD for quick booting. The Intel based model is the best choice, but it is unfortunately not available here in Canada. The Atom based model is cheap and can run Ubuntu, but cannot run a few useful closed-source packages. There is also an expensive model with a hi-res display that Linus uses, but again: not available.

Google App Engine

Programming Google App Engine, Dan Sanderson, O’Reilly, 2012

Programmers will like this book. If you want a scalable web app written in Java or Python then the Google app hosting platform is for you. This book explains the architecture and shows how to program to the API. Your app will be responding to requests and generating responses as normal. The big difference is the DB API, because the DB is not relational and does not use SQL. 500 pages.

The Rough Guide

The Rough Guide to Cloud Computing, Peter Buckley, – 2010

This tiny book is a user guide to web sites such as Boxee, Google, Delicious, Facebook, Picasa, and Stumbleupon. It covers about 100 sites. The title is poorly chosen. Do not expect to learn about business systems.

200 pages.