Game Programming Patterns

Game Programming Patterns By Nystrom, Robert Book – 2014

Programmers will want to read this book. Not just game programmers, but also any programmer. Program structure is important for maintainability of large or medium programs. C++ language programmers will get the most benefit from the book. Other languages are also discussed, and all languages require some attention to structure.

Nystrom’s book is very readable and, perhaps I should add, entertaining. He has a dialogue on the go: the margin notes (his inner critic) are in counterpoint to the main discourse.

He gives credit to the Gang Of Four book (noting that it is 20 years old now,) as a foundation for his proposed new set of patterns.

Gamers Bucket List

Gamer’s Bucket List : The 50 Video Games to Play Before You Die, Chris Watters,

Here are about 50 light and chatty game reviews, one per page, with a few graphics for each. You will find your personal favourites (for me, Civilization V and Minecraft) and other great games which you probably will want to play. Most games are dated 2011 to 2015, but there are older games featured, going back into the 1980’s. All platforms from consoles to PC to mobile. All genres from family friendly to gut wrenching, but you are safe leaving this book in the family room.