Motors for Makers

Motors for Makers
A Guide to Steppers, Servos, and Other Electrical Machines
Scarpino, Matthew,
Book – 2016

For the hobbyist, Here is a great explanation of stepper motors, DC and AC motors. This is the clearest explanation I have seen of the variety of motor types, and how the electromagnetic forces within them make them work. Also, an intro to controlling motors, using Arduino and Beaglebone controllers. The software development uses Linux and Python.

You are assumed to know the basics of electronics. If you know what inductors and capacitors are, and maybe Ohms law, then you will understand this book. You probably should also know the basics of Linux.

Car Hacker’s Handbook

The Car Hacker’s Handbook: A Guide for the Penetration Tester, Craig Smith, No Starch Press

What causes worse damage, hacking into a desktop PC or a the processors embedded in a car? Often, the latter, and it has recently become a concern. You might have seen the video of a SUV in a ditch, directed there by a white-hat. Security professionals will want to know all about this topic, and can get an excellent start by reading the (free) current version. Shortly thereafter, you will want to buy the new, updated version from No Starch Press.
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