Modular Java

book coverModular Java – Creating Flexible Applications with OSGi and Spring, Craig Walls, Pragmatic, 2009

Java programmers will want to read this, particularly if they are working with Eclipse plugins. OSGi is an improvement on Java’s classes and packages. The Pragmatic people explain it all so well. 240 pages.

The definitive guide to SWT and JFace

book cover
The definitive guide to SWT and JFace / Rob Warner with Robert Harris. Apress Springer Verlag, c2004.

Here is a good introduction to Eclipse GUI programming. Though somewhat dated, it is still worth reading. It will help if you are doing a Rich Client (RCP) or extending Eclipse with a new plugin. SWT is way better than Swing, but there seem to be fewer books on it. There is a lot to learn, and too many sources on the net, so use this book to get started.

Eclipse : building commercial-quality plug-ins

book cover
Eclipse : building commercial-quality plug-ins / Eric Clayberg, Dan Rubel ; Addison-Wesley, c2004.

If you are extending Eclipse or designing a Rich Client (RCP) then this book will be useful. Also if you are planning a Java project, and want to see a project architecture.

It is dated now (2008), but the main concepts have not changed.