Mongo, Express, Angular

Getting Mean With Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node By Holmes, Simon Book – 2015

Web apps can now be developed all in one language: JavaScript in the browser of course, but also in the server and database. No more need to have PHP, SQL, Java or other languages in the mix, so you can keep just JavaScript in your mind. The MEAN stack includes MongoDB, the NoSQL database, the Express web app framework, the AngularJS frontend framework, and Node.js for JavaScript support server-side. This well written book tells you the why and how to tie it all together. It assumes prior knowledge of Javascript, and is a pleasure to read.

Linked Data

Linked Data Structured Data on the Web By Wood, David Book – 2014

How can you organize information on the Web other than links between pages? Tim Berners-Lee has been proposing a framework for years, but organizing the Web is more difficult than pinning jelly to the wall. Now there are academic organizations with large open data link farms, but it is not clear what they are useful for.

Performance MySQL

High Performance MySQL By Schwartz, Baron (eBook – 2012 )

Database professionals will want to read this well written book. It discusses the different DB engines that can be used with Mysql, how they have changed with Mysql versions, and how to get the best performance while scaling up across multiple servers. Profiling is discussed in detail.

This book is available as ebook: load it into OverDrive, and read it on the bus!.