CSS Definitive

The Definitive Guide : Visual Presentation for the Web
By Meyer, Eric A.
O’Reilly, 2018


  • Selectors, specificity, and the cascade
  • Values, units, fonts, and text properties
  • Padding, borders, outlines, and margins
  • Colors, backgrounds, and gradients
  • Floats and positioning tricks
  • Flexible box layout
  • The new Grid layout system
  • 2D and 3D transforms, transitions, and animation
  • Filters, blending, clipping, and masking
  • Media and feature queries

HTML5 , Javascript & Jquery

A Software Engineer Learns HTML5 , Javascript & Jquery By Cameron, Dane (self published – 2013 )

Learn how a web application works (the client part, running in your browser, not the server part). This book starts with the basics of HTML and Javascript, but rapidly jumps to the practical aspects of using jQuery in an app. I am finding the example app code useful. The book is very readable, despite the formatting of code examples where long lines are wrapped in a way I find hard to read.