Migrating to Drupal 7

Migrating to Drupal 7 – Learn How to Quickly and Efficiently Migrate Content into Drupal 7 from A Variety of Sources Including Drupal 6 Using Automated Migration and Import Processes By James, Trevor – 2012

If you are setting up a Drupal CMS then this book will help. But ‘migrating’ might be misleading. The book assumes you have the content for your site in CSV format, and shows you how to import to Drupal.

WordPress Anthology

The WordPress Anthology, Mick Olinik & Raena Armitage, 2011

Programmers will like this book. Topics include:

  • installing, customizing and getting the most out of the web’s most versatile content management system
  • the inner mechanics of WordPress
  • plugins, themes and APIs to add extra functionality
  • Multisite capabilities to host and manage your own centralized network of WordPress websites
  • localization techniques and marketing tips

300 pages.