JavaScript Frameworks : Prototype, YUI, Ext JS, Dojo and MooTools

book coverProfessional JavaScript Frameworks : Prototype, YUI, Ext JS, Dojo and MooTools / Leslie Michael Orchard, Wiley Publishing, 2009

Web app programmers will find this book really useful. 800 pages, well written, practical, with example code. Topics include:

  • The Prototype framework: handling cross-browser events, manipulating common data functions, simplifying AJAX and dynamic data
  • Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) library: using animation and drag and drop, building user interfaces with widgets, working with YUI CSS tools
  • Ext JS framework: talking with the server, using dataviews and grids, dealing with form controls and validation
  • The Dojo framework: manipulating the DOM, composing animators, deploying and expanding Dojo
  • The MooTools framework: enhancing development with MooTools, building user interfaces and using animation

JavaScript Programmer’s Reference

JavaScript Programmer’s Reference / Alexei White, Wiley, 2009

This book seems to cover all the details of JavaScript, and is quite readable. The cover claims that it is for the beginner and the seasoned veteran, but the beginner would be better served by one of the other JavaScript books. The author recommends the use of libraries such as jQuery or Prototype, but they are brittle so you need to understand JavaScript.  The book shows how to use plug-ins such as Flash and Silverlight.  A heavy 950 pages.